Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Everyone Has a Gift: Maisha Hudson and Feminine Energy Alchemy

Maisha Hudson, Feminine Energy Alchemist

I’ve known  Maisha since high school (so a LONG time).  We both attended a New England boarding school and we’re both from New York City.  Only in the past couple of years have we realized that we spiritually have a lot in common. 

She started her wellness career almost a decade ago as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She has helped hundreds of women lose weight and live healthier lives. She was always excited to see their progress, and honored to be involved in their transformations. Yet she knew something more was needed. Changing the outside was one thing, but she knew many of her clients really needed help with more internal changes like dealing with emotional eating, or negative self-talk – areas I knew of from personal experience.

Her mission and purpose is to help women reclaim the parts of them that have been lost along the journey of life.

Maisha will be presenting in Atlanta on December 4-7th at www.SacredSexualityRetreatAtlanta.com.

SG: When was the first time you realized you were different spiritually?
MH: Probably when I was around 6 or 7. I wanted to see/hear ghosts. Any book about ghosts or spirits I was interested in. I remember a Spirit speaking to me in school one day. Her name was Lisa. I thought I was going nuts because no one else was in the bathroom with me. I freaked out and ran out of the bathroom. I was always fascinated by telepathy and telekinesis. I used to do ‘yoga’ in my room – sit lotus style and say ‘ohm’ LOL. As I got older I found I could ‘tell’ when a song was on the radio that I really wanted to hear. I didn’t know what it was…just something I did.

SG: When was the first time you decided to find out what your gifts were and how to use them?
MH: In high school. I realized that I was able to predict or ‘see’ things that others didn’t see. I was very perceptive. A friend and I would practice strengthening that skill with playing cards. We would try to guess which card the other had. I would also play around with predicting songs on the radio. I got to the point where I knew when a particular song was on. That was pretty cool. I also played with a Ouija board. That was an interesting and powerful experience. My friends and I unknowingly contacted a dark entity that actually attached itself to one of my friends for years. We didn’t realize our energies could release something. I would not recommend using a Ouija board – not without proper training by a high level medium.

SG: If you could give advice to your younger self/child about your gifts, what would you say?
MH: You’re not crazy. Yes, this stuff is real. Practice it. Work on it. Accept it. You will meet others like you as you get older.

SG: What advice would you give to someone who just realized their spiritual gifts?
MH: Same as above. Also, read about opening up your gifts, and meet up with others who are doing the same. The gifts become stronger when we’re around similar people.

SG: What part of your gift is your favorite and why?  What is your least favorite and why?
My psychic/intuitive ability is my favorite. It’s also the easiest. I really enjoy being able to help others and give them confirmation on situations/decisions to make in their lives. I love knowing I can help them by giving them insight. Mediumship is my least favorite. It’s come in more over the past year, and it’s frightening to me because it’s new. I plan on studying it and developing it more though so the messages come through clearer.

SG: What is the funniest thing that happened to you re: your gifts?
When I as 14, my friend and I (the one who was practicing with me) worked at a summer job. We both liked the same boy and would use our abilities to see where he would be. One day we were waiting for the elevator. We felt like he was on one of the elevators and indeed he was. He got off and we were both looking shocked (that we were right) and embarrassed (because we had a huge crush on him lol). I think our faces were red!

SG: Why do you think the Creator gave us these gifts?  And what are we supposed to use them for?
To help others. To serve others. To heal others.

SG: Why are we here?
To assist those on earth in their own personal growth. To give warnings when necessary. To provide insight and wisdom. To heal. To teach. To show.

SG: What do you wish that people knew/understood the most about you?
That I’m not making this stuff up! LOL These gifts are REAL. And I’m not the only one who has them.

SG: What do you wish the world would know/understand?
That we ALL have gifts. It’s just a matter of being open to the possibilities. Yes, it’s easier for some than for others. But everyone has a gift of some sort.

SG: What do you envision the world will be like in the future?

I’m torn between what I hope it will be like, and what I’ve seen. And it’s probably a combination of both. In the future there will be a time when everyone is more conscious, more aware. More people will be able to access their gifts. We will truly work together to heal and grow. But before that……well…..it’s like giving birth. Right now we’re gestating, but the birthing point will come, and it will feel uncomfortable. On the other side of that will be a beautiful life. I just try and stay focused on the end result.

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