Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Don't Need to Lose 10 Pounds

Over the past couple of years I have gained weight, a lot for me.  I recently stopped weighing myself because no matter what the number, whether it be 125 or 155, I am never happy with it.  So instead of not being happy with the number on the scale, I just don't weigh myself at all.  I have been trying to love myself and everything about me by staying positive and saying positive things to myself.  Over the years I haven't been nice to myself when it comes to my weight.  Many of you could probably relate to this.

I just finished a book by Neale Donald Walsch called Communion With God.  In it, God discusses the ten illusions of life.  In it God advises about the Illusion of Need:

The way to step outside of the Illusion of Need is to look at what you think you need right now--that is, what you think you do not now have that you feel you must have--and then notice that, even though you are without it, you are still here.

The implications of this are enormous.  If you are here, right now, without what you think you need, then why do you think you need it?

The next time you imagine that you need something, ask yourself: "Why do I think I need this?"

If you are seeing clearly, you will realize that you do not need whatever "it" is, that you never needed it and that you have been making it all up.  

So I asked myself.  Do I need to lose ten pounds? No.  Am I attractive now? Yes.  Do I look good for my age?  Yes.  Am I healthy and in shape?  Yes.  So what will losing 10 pounds mean?  I could fit into some of my old clothes.  But those are replaceable, aren't they?

So the belief that I need to lose 10 pounds is just a story I tell myself.  The truth is, I want to lose 10 pounds, but I don't need to.

Do you tell yourself a story about what you need?  A new car?  A new house?  A new job?  Ask yourself, do you need any of these things and would you be happier when you received it?

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