Monday, June 30, 2014

Life is Miraculous

Today I was driving around town and had this thought: life is miraculous.  It really is.  Ever since I realized there was a whole another world out there aka the Spirit world, I have never been the same. Once I understood that nothing is random, I pay attention to everything.  Believing this latter concept help me understand that the thoughts, feelings and images that popped in my head meant something.  Up until a year ago I wasn't paying attention to this information.  Now I do and I have become so much wiser and happier because of it.  Not only does it help me, but now I can help others with this information.

Right now the world is changing at a breakneck speed.  You either are aware of it aka "awake" or you are not aka "asleep" or somewhere in between.   How about you?  Are you awake or are you asleep? Today I pulled this card for a client of mine.

There are a group of beautiful unicorns in a forest.  The one in the middle is awake and the rest of the unicorns are asleep.  This card symbolizes the world today.  There are a few who are awake but most people are asleep.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the people who are asleep and those that are awake or not "better" than others.  There is no better or worse just experience, different simultaneous experiences.  

When you are awake you realize the following things:

  1. The physical world is an illusion and the real world is the spirit world and all the beings within it : passed relatives; angels; Archangels; Ascended Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary or Ghandi; Goddesses like Isis or Aphrodite; unicorns, fairies, elves and other spiritual beings.  
  2. These spiritual beings constantly give you messages (like love notes) by leaving coins on the ground, feathers, arranging coincidences, showing you the same numbers over and and over again etc.  
  3. When you notice these little things they start to add up.  I have a new friend who is absolutely befuddled that she keeps seeing feathers everywhere.  Of course, these are the angels.  
  4. These little "love notes"  are little miracles, they are a reminder to you of who you really are: you are a soul having a human experience.  Your soul is the real you, the wise you, and the one who is aware of your constant connection with the Spirit realm.  
  5. In the end, all these little messages add up to a miraculous day and then a miraculous life.  

So do you want to see signs too?  Look for them, they are all around you!  Did you see an unusual animal or insect, look up its meaning as an animal totem.  Did you find a penny on the ground?  Look at the year on it, does it match the year a loved one passed?  It's a message from them that they are OK and they are thinking of you!  Found a feather on your bathroom floor?  Thank the angel who you left it there for you.  Keep seeing the same numbers over and over again on clocks, receipts and license plates? Look up their angel number meanings.  

Because I am always looking for signs, my life has become miraculous.  Everyday is a fun adventure. The "coincidences" can be so funny!  And seeing them and noticing them makes me feel loved and taken care of.  Because I am loved and you are too.  

If you would like to connect with passed loves ones, learn the names of your guardian angels or simply need guidance on life, I can get the answers you want by connecting with Spirit via Tarot and/or Reiki. Please email me if you would like a reading.  

Feel free to comment on this post if you have noticed little messages or love notes that were left for you.  

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