Friday, October 17, 2014

How Patrick Swayze Helped Me Become a Medium

Yes it's true, sounds crazy right?  Well let me explain...

Early this year I was taking a Tarot Class and we ended up discussing dreams.  My teacher said most dreams are symbolic.  Well I had a dream about Patrick Swayze and couldn't figure out what it symbolized.  So she asked me to tell her the dream.  This is what happened.

I was walking alongside Patrick Swayze in Los Angeles.  We kept stopping in different places and Patrick look so unhappy everywhere we went.  I finally turned to him and said, "The reason why you are unhappy is because this place does not match your values."  That was it.

My teacher paused for a moment before answering and she said that she believed that I actually connected with the soul of Patrick Swayze.  Then she asked me if I dreamed of people who have passed.  Why yes, I do all the time (I thought everyone did, I realized I was wrong about this).  She then told me she thinks I have medium abilities and asked if I wanted to learn from her to strengthen them.  I said yes, why not?

I have to admit, I wasn't really crazy about pursuing this.  There is some creepy factor about talking to the dead.  I mean, what if they hassle me?  What if they woke me up in the night?  What if, GOD FORBID, I woke up and they were standing at the end of the bed?

Well despite my misgivings, I decided I should at least try it.  And I surprised myself.  No I shocked myself.  We practiced just opening up to whomever would talk to me.  That worked!  Not only could I see them but I could hear them too.  In another session, I did a reading for my teacher.  Her grandmother, aunt, spirit guide and mother all came through with accurate details.  In fact, my teacher told me the reading was so good she felt like she should pay me!  The sessions helped me trust myself and go with my first answer (call it intuition or gut feeling).  The other important lesson is, the "knowing", the thoughts and the images that I have always received my whole life meant something.  I realized that I had been dismissing them my whole life as "random" and they really meant something.

Since my sessions with my teacher, I have worked on other courses to strengthen my abilities, both on line and in person. When I conduct a Reiki session I use my mediumship during the session too. It's not uncommon for a past loved one to come through for my clients.

So thanks to Patrick Swayze, I am on the path that I am on right now.  Thank you Patrick.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finally Finding My Life Purpose

Yes I know it's been a while since I posted.  Things have been weird lately.  I mean, I still see many angel signs (feathers and numbers and even angel wings in the bathroom mirror) but feel like Spirit has been they are "busy."  I have a good friend who is an Angel Intuitive as well (you can check out her website here) and she's been feeling the same thing.  She's even gone as far to say she's losing her psychic abilities which I know is not true.

But I wanted to spend time talking about finding your life purpose.   I have been searching for this my entire life.  I always did well in school (despite not excelling at aptitude tests like the SAT or GRE) and I have always wanted to help people, especially people in dire need of help, such as the poor, the hungry or those suffering from war.  By the time I was a college student at New York University (NYU), I narrowed my major down to Urban Studies.  Being a native New Yorker and in love with the city at the time, I felt it was my duty to help.  I looked at government as being the answer or way I would do this.

After two years at NYU, I transferred to SUNY Binghamton basically because of tuition costs.  At the time NYU cost $22,000 a year (seems low compared to my nephew's current tuition of $56,000 a year), so I felt it would be better to transfer there.  The catch was there was no Urban Studies major available, so I picked the closest thing: Political Science.

When I graduated in 1995 I had no idea what kind of job I could get.  A friend suggested I go to grad school so I dodged that bullet and got my Masters in Public Administration.  After graduating I moved back to NYC and got a job in development.  I soon realized I didn't like development and started applying for other jobs.  Actually let's be honest, I got fired from that job and I didn't really care.  I applied for federal jobs because it paid more.  I got offered a job in the city and in Washington DC and I decided to go to DC.

To make a long story short, I kept trying to make a difference but it wasn't working.  And I kept running into crazy office politics, or I got promised to move to a department I wanted to be in and it never happened or, saving the best for last, at my last job I got appendicitis and almost died.

Okay I get the picture now.

All the money and time invested in that career didn't seem to matter.  I know now that this was not a path I was supposed to continue.  So in frustration, I begged my husband to let me leave that job. I did and I focused on something else, having a family.

After my oldest daughter was born, I became a Stay At Home Mom.  And I was happy.  At least I didn't have to deal any difficult people at work.  But I still had that nagging feeling, How was I going to "help"?

Last fall, after seven years of being a stay at home mom, I hit a wall.  I was burnt out.  I hated cooking. I hated doing the laundry.  For years I told myself that I was supporting the family but I needed to do something for myself.  Something other than being a mom or a wife.  So I did two things: became a certified Zumba instructor and got a job teaching art.  I loved teaching art and I still do it.

In the meantime, a friend and I reconnected and we both realized we were on the same spiritual path. She was getting trained in Reiki but I had no interest in it--she is now a Reiki master.  But something changed in me by last spring.  I wanted to try it and I loved it.

I finally found how to help others.  When I conduct a Reiki session, I help my clients release emotions, discover their past lives, reunite with passed loved ones and even learn who their guardian angels are.  When my clients leave they literally look like a different people: relaxed and at peace. That peaceful look on their face is absolutely priceless.

So I finally figured it out after 41 years!  I thought I never would.

I know that my life purpose does not end with Reiki.  I have had two readings with similar messages. The first was "I've just begun" and the second was "this is just a dress rehearsal."  Yes that's right, everything UP TO THIS POINT WAS PRACTICE!  This is what I have done so far since April 2013 (my moment of awakening):

  • communicate, see, touch and be touched by Archangels, angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides and animal guides
  • see and talk with fairies
  • conduct accurate Tarot and Oracle readings for myself and others
  • enter the Akashic library and retrieve the soul book for myself and others
  • discovered over 50 specific past lives I have lived on earth
  • trained in Reiki 1 and 2
  • communicate with passed loved ones and help them heal (both humans and spirits)
  • learn and use crystals for healing
  • communicate with crystals and even released a trapped spirit
And this is just the dress rehearsal.  Wow!  Something big is going to happen and it's delicious to wait and see what's to come.  

Are you ready to go on the ride with me?