Saturday, March 29, 2014

Helping a Soul Cross Over

I had my second mediumship class with Joy today. Today I focused on connecting with souls that Joy could verify herself.  While I was connecting, I would just receive thoughts or sometimes I would see what I would call pictures in my mind.  One of the souls I connected to was a little girl.  I had the feeling this girl haunted Joy when she herself was a child.  Joy verified this and said that yes, as a little girl she was scared to death of the basement and she had imagined snakes under her bed.  I understood that this little ghost girl was bitten by a snake in the basement and consequently died.  I also knew that she liked to hide in Joy's closet.  Joy said she didn't like to leave her hand or foot dangling over the bed for fear "something" would touch her.

The ghost girl used to play with Joy but Joy did not remember this.  I saw a blue ball that they would play with together, but Joy said she didn't remember that either.  I sensed that the ghost girl was very mischievous, she liked to scare or "play" with Joy.  She said she was sorry for scaring Joy.

I could picture Joy's bedroom...a small twin bed on the right, a window straight ahead and a small closet on the left.  Joy said the only inaccuracy was where the closet was...but she said that she used to change bedrooms in the house so that may explain it.  

I paused at this time when I was not getting any information.  And then I asked myself, is this girl stuck on Earth? I wasn't sure so I asked Joy if she thought the ghost girl was stuck.  She was!  So Joy asked if we should help her cross over.  I enthusiastically said yes!  This time Joy did most of the talking and she asked the girl to look around for the light.  The girl said she was scared and she was afraid of the snakes on the other side.  Joy told her that it was safe on the other side, only love and light.  She asked the girl if she wanted her mother to come and get her.  The girl refused saying she was scared of her mother. Apparently, Joy said the little girl's mother used to lock her in the basement so that was not a good choice.  Joy then asked if her grandmother could come get her and she was also scared of her.  So Joy asked her angels to come get her.  And for a few minutes we both sat in silence.  After a while, I felt light (like a weight had been lifted) and I sensed that the little ghost had gone into the light.  Joy verified that she did.

My soul literally soared after this.  I felt wonderful helping this little girl who was stuck in Joy's childhood home for at least 45 years if not longer!  I am also amazed that Joy could communicate with a the same soul I could.

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