Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to Interpret Your Dreams

I have always been a prolific dreamer and I often remember my dreams.  That being said, I forget a lot of details of my dreams if I don't write them down in a journal.  But some dreams do stay with me, especially if I think they're unusual and I think about them a lot after I wake up.

Have you ever looked at a dream interpretation dictionary, looked up your dream and it still didn't make sense to you?  I used to think that dreams were symbolic but I still could not make sense of them. Once I really starting delving into past lives, my dreams started making more sense.  I started to take my dreams more literally and they started to make sense as past life memories or stories.  This is especially helpful if you had a bad or disturbing dream and have no idea what it means.  For example, the last "bad" dream I had was quite disturbing and it woke me up in the middle of the night.  When the dream begins, I suddenly know that I am responsible for killing a young horse.  I see that the horse has been severed completely below the shoulders (gruesome I know but hang in there).  I try to get rid of the young horse by putting it into a pit.  The mother horse approaches the pit, looks into it and recognizes its her baby.  Suddenly she looks up at me with an intent to get me for this.  She starts after me and I run for my life toward a farmhouse, knowing if the horse catches up to me she will kill me (and rightly so I might add).  When I get to the door of the farm house I have to open three successive doors to enter.  I make it inside just in time and I wake up.

As I lay there disturbed about the dream, I asked myself why am I dreaming this.   My only conclusion is this must be a past life dream.  Of course I could go the traditional route and try to understand the symbology of the the young horse represents something that ended or an idea I rejected, but that seems like too much work.  It's just easier and makes more sense that this is a past life memory.

When you have a dream, ask yourself what is the lesson of the dream?  What am I supposed to learn? Then ask yourself who is in the dream and does it represent someone in your present life?  When I reflected on the dream, I felt that I was running away from a mistake that I made.  I knew within the dream that I did something wrong.  The lesson is that I have to face my mistakes and not run away from them.

As for anyone familiar in the dream I came up with a disturbing answer/thought.  I believe the soul of the young horse is the same soul of my beagle who passed away over two years ago.  Let me tell you a little about him.  His name was Tucker and he was originally my husband's dog.  He was 4 years old when we all met.  Tucker was not an easy dog to live with.  He was a dominant fellow who was barely trained when I met him (sorry hubby but it's true).  Of course here comes a new member of the family (me)  who is also an alpha female.  So of course we clashed.  Although I loved Tucker, it was hard to love him sometimes even though I tried.  When he passed away I was wrecked.  I thought I was prepared because he had been sick for months, but my heart still broke.

Tucker and I, Christmas 2004

In the weeks and months after he passed, I dreamed of him several times.  In the first dream I saw him as a young Tucker running wildly in a grassy field.  I figured that was a good sign that he was happy now.  In another dream he was older and heavier like he was toward the end of his life.  There were older kids picking on him, trying to ride him like a "horsie"  (wow I see how this applies now).  I gently tell the children to get off of him, that he's old and fragile.  Tucker looks up at me gratefully.  I understood this dream as Tucker's message to me that he was grateful that I took care of him in the end.

As I think of Tucker now, I do really miss him but sometimes I feel ashamed that I didn't have more patience with him.  Regardless of how frustrated he made me feel, I still took care of him and he was my constant companion until the end of his days.  And I think through my dreams, I have understood what kind of past we had together and how during each successive lifetime he gave me lessons to learn and I had to rise to meet the challenge of them.

So if you have a dream you can't figure out, ask yourself the following questions:  what is the lesson of the dream?  How does this lesson apply to you today?  Who is familiar in this dream to you?  Because the dream may be more than symbolic, it could actually be a past life memory reminding you of a lesson that you learned or may still need to learn.

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