Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Many Lives, Many Masters NYC Conference March 8, 2014

I traveled to New York City last weekend to attend Dr. Brian Weiss's conference on past lives.  The conference title Many Lives, Many Masters is also a title of one his books.  When I attended the Hay House I Can Do It! conference in National Harbor last fall, Dr.  Weiss presented there as well and led a group meditation. During the meditation I remembered quite a few past lives and so I find his method of mediation/hypnosis very effective.  Since then I purchased one of his CDs on meditation which I have had good results with as well.

Dr. Weiss and Oprah

My hometown is New York City and I don't get many chances to visit.  This trip was a special treat for me, since I did it alone (parents with young children know what I am talking about).  Just being on the bus by myself reading, listening to music and writing in a journal without interruptions was just pure pleasure.

As I was on the bus, we traveled down a road I often drive on called Sycolin Creek.  It's a rural road and known for deer.  There are fields of corn and quaint farm houses with sheep and horses along this road.  Because I was on a commuter bus, I was higher up than I usually am in my sedan. Then I had a realization, we often see the world from one viewpoint, like from the car or from the ground.  But there are actually multiple views, from above and from below.  And just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  This same concept can be applied to the spirit world.  We have a three dimensional view but that doesn't mean that there are not other views or dimensions.  You just can't see it from where you are standing.  So keep your mind open, and know that what you see is not all that is and it's not the complete picture.  There could be a stream you missed, a deer in the woods or a hill above you that you didn't notice before.

On Saturday morning I checked in to the conference.  As expected, most of the attendees were women. This is no surprise to me and it doesn't make me sad, I just take it as a sign that women are "waking up" faster than men right now.  In addition, for thousands of years women have been suppressed, both physically and emotionally, and literally we are rising up and and breaking free.  These are all good signs.

As Dr.Weiss spoke to a bigger-than-expected turnout of 2,000 people, he shared some statistics about belief in past lives.  He said more than half of the world believes in past lives.  In the US about 25-35% of Americans believe in past lives, so we are actually lagging behind the rest of the world (no surprise there).  I felt these facts were reassuring since I often feel alone in my beliefs.  He said countries like India and Argentina are very excited about past lives. He said it was slowly changing and that more and more people are becoming open to it.  In addition, only half the people at the conference would have a past life memory but they might get a message from spirit instead.

During the day, we did three meditations.  Two were focused on past lives and the final one was focused on healing an ailment.  We also practiced psychometry.  According to Wikipedia, psychometry means spirit measure and is a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.  In other words, you hold a stranger's object of choice, meditate on it and receive messages about that person.  I was especially excited about trying this out.  

Past Life Memories

During the first meditation, which was 30 minutes, I remembered the following (Dr.Weiss asked us to remember a childhood memory, while in utero and then a past life):

  1. I was a little girl of about four years in this lifetime.  I had pigtails and I was swinging in the sunshine at Riverside Park close to where I lived in Manhattan.  I was feeling very happy.  My father was there watching me.  Suddenly I noticed a boy close to my age standing at the top of a slide.  He had dark brown hair in a bowl cut and brown eyes.  Then I jump to a scene where he and I were sitting next to each other on a small patch of grass watching a ladybug.  We were just watching it, fascinated.  I recalled my father standing there watching us and then suddenly the little boy was gone.  I realized that the boy was not in physical form but in spirit and I felt very close to him.  When he left I felt very sad. 
Riverside Park, NYC

2.  While in the womb, I could feel myself floating and feeling very safe and loved.  I could hear my mother speaking in Filipino, and my father's voice as well.  (At this point Dr. Weiss asked us to fast forward to our birth).  I remember as I was being born, I was losing all my past life memories.  I felt cold and a very loving nurse wrapped me in a blanket.  She seemed familiar.  

3.  Here I remembered a life between lives on Earth (this is my first memory of an in-between life).  I was in a large castle-like building and I was a being of light.  I looked like a column of light but I could see an image of a human-like person inside. There were many light beings rushing around, busy.  It reminded me of 5th avenue on a busy day. We were communicating to each other telepathically, saying hello and how are you but not pausing our work.  We were "earth angels" helping humans!  I felt emotional remembering this.  There were so many requests coming through that we didn't have time to stop.  

I forwarded to a later time in that life where I am with my soul group.  A soul group is a group of souls that reincarnate together over and over again.   My husband, daughters and parents were all there.  We were planning our lives for our incarnation in this lifetime.  I saw us gathering together laughing at some of our Earth plans.  Later I saw us getting ready to incarnate in chronological order.  So my parents went first.  I was holding hands with my husband, ready to go.  Then I remembered Archangel Gabriel and I having a conversation alone, just the two of us.  We planned something together for this lifetime.  Something I was going to do and he was going to help me.  I saw an image of a key.  A key to unlocking something?  I am not sure.  

In the afternoon, we did another second 30 minute meditation.  

A male spirit guide named John appears.  He shows me rooms in the Akashic Hall of Records (a place in the spirit world where all knowledge is stored, including each person's soul book).  I remembered the following past lives.

1)  I see an image of me as a male warrior throwing a spear at a woolly mammoth.  I ask John what's the lesson for remembering this life?  I hear that I must appreciate the animals in my life and never take them for granted.  In this past life as a warrior, I did not appreciate how this animal provided food and clothing for me.  

2)  It's 1500 during the Renaissance in Italy.  I am a male artist working under the mentor-ship of the great artists of that time.  I was afraid to speak my truth because often people were persecuted, tortured and killed for voicing their beliefs.  

3)  My friend Peter (name changed for privacy reasons) asked me to remember a past life with him and this is what I remembered.  This is the first time I did a meditation where I intended on remembering a past life with someone.  I wasn't sure it would work but it did.  This life was during Atlantis.  I am wearing shoes that look like Santa's elf shoes and they are made of a shimmery material.  I am also wearing a robe of similar material.  I am female and I am friends with Peter.  He is a like a mad scientist and he is working on experiments that he shouldn't be working on.  I have warned him that he shouldn't go down this path and it was dangerous.  But he refuses to listen.  Fast forward and Peter dies in an accident as a result of his experiments.  I feel sad that he didn't listen to me.  But the lesson in this life is that I can counsel someone but they have the free will to do whatever they want.  So the lesson is to let it go. The lesson for Peter is to avoid extremism and stay balanced.  I die peacefully of old age, outliving everyone that I loved.  

Psychometric Exercise

Dr. Weiss asked us to exchange an object with a stranger.  I exchanged my wedding ring with a woman sitting in front of me.  She gave me a necklace with the initial S on it.  Dr. Weiss asked us to sit quietly for five minutes, open to receiving messages, images, thoughts or feelings while we held the object. At first I kept thinking of Archangel Michael.  So I asked him what's the message?  He told me that the woman I was reading for had to trust her abilities.  She had to work on her self confidence. Because there was an initial S on her necklace, I kept wondering what the name was.  I thought an "Sa"  name like Samantha or Sally.  But then I thought the S was not her name but her child's name.  I also got the impression that this woman was going on a vacation somewhere sunny, perhaps without children. 

When we starting discussing our impression,  the woman, Jane told me that her son's name had an "Sa" in it and yes, she was going to San Francisco by herself soon.  I asked her if she ever prayed to Archangel Michael and she said no, so I encouraged her to seek his help since he has a interest in her. 

She envisioned me living in a two story house surrounded by trees.  This is an accurate description of my house.  She also saw me taking off two rings and putting them in a box on my dresser.  The dresser has a mirror.   She had the impression that there was nothing negative about taking off the rings.  This was correct as well.  I often take off my wedding and engagement rings at night because in the morning my fingers swell up and the rings are tight.  Ironically, I just got those rings re-sized!  She sensed that my bedroom was green (it's got teal bedding).  She also thought about Roanoke, VA.  I had no idea what that was about.  But I have filed this away since I am sure it will come up...

So I would say that was an extremely productive day!  And I met a few people that hope to keep in touch with!


  1. Tina, I had no idea you were such an amazing writer! Thanks for making sure I got to see this, and I hope to keep reading! I miss you and your wonderful art as well...Melanie

  2. Thank you! I miss you too and I hope to see you in art class very soon! <3

  3. Tina,
    Good work! You are doing the healing work here like you did as an earth angel.
    Peace and love:-) Kristen